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Anale UAIC, Tomul LXVIII, Ştiinţe Juridice, FOSIDHUS 2022

    : Ion Covalciuc: Admissibility of evidence in criminal proceedings ...
    : Alin Petrea: About “Innocence” in Romanian Criminal Procedural Law and in Forensics
    : Vasile Ioan Vidrighin, George-Cătălin Grosu: Jurisprudential solutions for annulment ...
    : Boaz Oyoo Were: The challenges of procuring forensic evidence and criminal proceedings in Kenya
    : Valeriu Bujor, Larisa Buga: Criminological expertise in the criminal prevention mechanism
    : Valeriu Bujor , Andrei Clașevici: Criminological security concept in post-soviet states
    : Costică Ciocan: Post-crime dilemmas – between taking responsibilities and denying the act committed (I)
    : Irina Iacub: Criminology of law and criminological expertise of law - new trends in criminological research, education and practice
    : Ryma Kliuchko: Information relations as an object of criminal law protection in the information society
    : Bianca Maria Carmen Predescu, Ioana Raluca Scurtu: Criminological considerations regarding the improper participation in cases that involve underaged persons
    : Alexei Barbăneagră, Petru Boloș: Doctrinal and practical approaches to corruption offences
    : Petruț Ciobanu: Forensic investigation of road traffic accidents
    : Doru Ioan Cristescu: Tactics of the transition from the operative informative ...
    : Mihail Gorincioi: Respecting fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of implementing the methodology for investigation of corruption offenses
    : Marius-Cosmin Macovei, Rareș-Vasile Voroneanu Popa: Considerations on the implications of virtual currencies in the criminal sphere and ...
    : Bogdan Liviu Pănoiu: Theoretical and practical aspects regarding the causes of impunity ...
    : Mihai Alexandru Stanciu: Differences in judicial practice regarding some offences against the family
    : Ivan Ungurean: The phenomenon of illicit enrichment: Forensic aspects
    : Cristina Gavriluță, Costel Gîtlan: Domestic violence in the Covid-19 pandemic ...
    : Lavinia Pricină-Bobeică: Protective mask - barrier in the process of listening to the suspect or defendant
    : Djulieta Vasiloi: Crime fluctuations during a pandemic time
    : Lavinia-Mădălina Adam: Specific feminine elements that might ...
    : Raluca Iuliana Diac: Influencing witness statements through psychological tactics
    : Darya Ivinskaya: The psychologist as a potential subject of social impact on convicts
    : Valeria Pîrlea: Multiaxial classification of tattoos: Its importance in forensic investigations
    : Nicolae Carauș: The necessity and the proportionality of biological sampling in order to ...
    : Vasile Drobotă: Types of traces that are the subject of judicial study ...
    : Mihail Gheorghiță , Anatol Rotari: The grounds, process and tactics of the judicial expert hearing
    : Adela Kovács: Fingerprinting between Archeology and Forensics...
    : Efim Obreja , Nicolae Gurău: Determining the absolute age of the allegedly historical documents from 17th and 19th centuries: case study
    : Gabriel Păduraru: Criteria, tactics and basic methods used in crime scene investigation
    : Vitalie Rusu, Serghei Gavajuc: Doctrinal reflections on the tactical bases of the special investigation activity
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