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UAIC Annals, Tomul LXIV, Juridical Sciences, 2018, Special Issue

    : SILVIA LUCIA CRISTEA, VIOREL BĂNULESCU, The Right To Personal Data Protection ...
    : ANDREEA VERTEȘ-OLTEANU, The (Legal) Rise Of The Robots
    : CODRUŢA GUZEI-MANGU, The Right To Broadband, ...
    : CARMEN MOLDOVAN, Mass Surveillance Via Internet And Human Rights
    : ANDRA IFTIMIEI, Cyberbulying – Legislative And Jurisdictional Legal Aspects Of Comparative Law
    : DIANA MĂDĂLINA MOCANU, AI In The EU: A Legal Odyssey
    : ADRIAN CRISTIAN MOISE, Cyberwarfare – A Current Form Of Conflict
    : ANA-MARIA GOLDAN, Child Protection In Online Environment
    : ȘTEFAN RĂZVAN TATARU, Personal Data Protection In The Commercial Operations Of E-Pharmacies
    : DRAGOȘ RADULESCU, Equal Treatment Of Men And Women In Labor Relations
    : HORIA ALEXANDRU MODRAN, Transborder Data-Flow
    : ANDREEA ȘERBAN, Settling The Disputes Referring To Personal Data Protection
    : ALEXANDRA-TEODORA OPREA, On Various Aspects Of European Law Concerning “Born Global” Companies ...
    : ALEXANDRA TIGHINEANU, The Impact Of The Internet On Criminality
    : CARMEN TAMARA UNGUREANU, Online Collaborative Platforms – European Legal Challenges
    : IOANA MARIA COSTEA, Permanent Establishement In E-Commerce
    : NICOLETA RODICA DOMINTE, Reflections On The Exceptions Of Copyright And Internet Users
    : MARIA DUMITRU, Artificial Intelligence – Between Technology Ecstasy And Liability Agony
    : OLESEA PLOTNIC, RODICA CRUDU, The Consumer's Presence In Intellectual Property Rights
    : CARMEN VĂSCU, Electronic Credit Contract Constitutes Executory Title?
    : CRISTIAN ONICA, Analysis On Future Development Of Electronic Commerce
    : MIRELA CARMEN DOBRILĂ, Good Faith (Bona Fides) In Concluding Contracts On The Internet ...
    : DESPINA-MARTHA ILUCĂ, ALIN CIPRIAN SIMION, Crowdfunding Platforms ...
    : IONELA-DIANA PĂTRAȘC-BĂLAN, Cyberjustice. Predictive Justice And Investment Dispute Resolution
    : RADU POPA, Technical And Legal Deficiencies Of The State Registration Of Municipal Property ...
    : Entire Volume
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