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Anale UAIC, Tomul LXVI, Științe juridice, Supliment

    : The Ubiquity of Law in Cyberspace ... Introduction
    : Lucia IRINESCU: Uber, a new business model and its implications for competition
    : Oksana KIRIIAK: Digital contracts: Thinking in trends
    : Ștefan Răzvan TATARU: Internet Cookie - the files with juridical "fortune"
    : Luiza Cristina GAVRILESCU: Assessment of the conditions for exercising control over the abusive ...
    : Juanita GOICOVICI: The Traders' Liability for Lack of Conformity ...
    : Aura Elena AMIRONESEI: Unfair competition on social media
    : Costina LOREDANA: Lex Ferenda proposals regarding the optimization ...
    : Marius BRANICI: Online factoring and invoice trading platforms...
    : Tudor-Matei RUSU: Contractual liability of the online platforms
    : Daniela-Ramona STÎNGACIU: Non-assertion pledges or proteiform legal figures
    : Alexandru TOMA: Copyright Challenges in the context of the Digital Single Market
    : Nicola Horia ȚIȚ: Considerations regarding the communication by e-mail ...
    : Sillvia USCOV, Mirela Nicola MORAR: Conducting trials through videoconferencing ...
    : Oana MUNTEANU: Electronic file ...
    : Aniela Flavia Ticau Suditu: Digital Legacy
    : Mirela Carmen DOBRILĂ: Quo vadis on-line learning during the pandemic ...
    : Mihai DUNEA: Applying the theory of ubiquity in identifying the place of the crime ...
    : Ancuța Elena FRANȚ: Detecting lies by using natural language processing
    : Adrian COROBANĂ: The cyber sanctions regime in the European Union
    : Carmen Moldovan: Limits of International Law in a limitless Cyberspace...
    : Lăcrămioara POPA, Lorena-Elena STĂNESCU: Legal reflections on tracking and targeted ...
    : Anale UAIC, Tomul LXVI, Științe juridice, Supliment
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