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Anale UAIC, Tomul LXVII, Științe Juridice, supliment

    : Carmen-Ecaterina Ciobâcă, Iulia-Elena Zup: The Idea of Europe and Challenges in Legal Translation.
    : Michaela Wolf: Babel and its Consequences: Legal Translation ...
    : Dan-Constantin Mâţă: “The Topics of his Work are Romanian.”...
    : Iulia-Elena Zup: German in Greater Romania. Legal translations and Romanian-German cultural dialogue
    : Alina Bruckner: Damaschin Bojincă – Legal Scholar and Translator in Pre-Modern Romanian Culture
    : Mihai Floroaia: Judicial Discourse Used by the Inquisition
    : Colin D. Robertson: EU Legal Language, Translation and Terminology ...
    : Georgiana I. Badea, Lavinia-Maria Tec: Recommendations regarding the Linguistic Practice and Behavior ...
    : Daniela Dincă: Corpus-based Translation Studies and the Training of Legal Translators
    : Carmen-Ecaterina Ciobâcă: Context and Cognitive Baggage in Specialized Translation
    : Adrien Bell Mandeng: Legal Translaboration for Effective Intercultural Communication
    : Carmen-Tamara Ungureanu: Inaccuracies in the Official Translations of European Legislation Texts
    : Sonia Berbinski, Weiwei Guo, Corina Veleanu: Jurilinguistic Observatory on the Words of the Covid-19 Pandemic
    : Nicoleta-Rodica Dominte, Simona-Catrinel Avarvarei: Legal-semantic Harmonies or ...
    : Anale UAIC, Tomul LXVII, Științe juridice, Supliment
    : Mirela-Carmen Dobrilă: Particular Aspects Concerning the Notion of Personal Data necessary
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