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Anale UAIC, Tomul LXVII, Științe juridice, supliment 2

    : Carmen Tamara Ungureanu: Cyberspace, the Final Frontier?
    : Raluca Dimitriu: Labour and Its New Contours
    : Septimiu Panainte: Some Considerations From a Closer Look at Distance Working Time
    : Juanita Goicovici: Portability of Personal Data
    : Alina V. Popescu: Know Your Customer on the Crypto Assets Market – Between Theory and Practice
    : Mirela-Carmen Dobrilă: Theoretical and Jurisprudential Aspects Regarding GDPR Compliance When Concluding or Performing a Contract
    : Vlad Vieriu: Legal Aspects Regarding On-line Art Auctioning
    : Aniela-Flavia Ţicău-Suditu: Blockchain Technology and Electronic Wills
    : Aura-Elena Amironesei: Blockchain Technology in the Performance of Online Advertising Contracts
    : Tudor-Matei Rusu: Blockchain Dispute Resolution
    : Ionela-Diana Pătraşc-Bălan: Enforcement of Settlement Agreements ...
    : Sorin-Claude Modreanu: Good Faith in Click-Wrap Contracts
    : Crina-Maria Stanciu, Codrin-Alexandru Ştefăniu: The Algorithm – Participant at ...
    : Andreea-Luminiţa Buţureanu-Cărpuşor: Current Perspectives for Online ...
    : Cătălin Boacnă: Uberization of Law – Danger or Opportunity for the Liberal Legal Professions?
    : Alexandra-Georgiana Vâlcelaru: The Psychosocial Risks Encountered by Employees in the Digital Economy...
    : Ruxandra Răducanu: Computer Related Forgery. Interference and Connections With Other Crimes
    : Lucia Irinescu: The Secret Weapon of the Competitors: the Keywords for SEO
    : Carmen Moldovan: Is Cybersovereignty the Future of Cyberspace?
    : Ancuţa Elena Franţ: Technological Challenges in Creating Standards for Fingerprint Analysis
    : Ştefan Răzvan Tataru: The NIS Directive: Developing the EU Cybersecurity Regulatory Framework
    : Andreea Şerban, Cláudio Barbosa Teixeira: Data Protection and Digital Services ...
    : Silvia Uscov: Algorithmic Law
    : Marius-Cosmin Macovei, Rareş-Vasile Voroneanu-Popa: The Nature and Taxation of Income from Streaming Activity
    : Vasile Popa: Aspects of Comparative Law Regarding the Special Methods of Surveillance or Research ..
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