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Ion Covalciuc: Subjects involved in the administration of evidence in criminal proceedings – risks and opportunities

DOI: 10.47743/jss-2022-68-4-3

Abstract: The establishment of the truth in criminal proceedings can take place only on the basis of evidence. The way in which the evidence ends up being identified and administered, respectively, depends not only on the subjects involved in this activity, on their professional skills but also and last but not least on the cohesion of the actors involved in this activity. Forensic scientists, in addition to the task of making available to the judiciary the tools necessary for the administration of evidence, especially in the context of technical and scientific progress, also have the obligation to propose the most advanced methods of cooperation of the judiciary, so as to establish the truth in criminal proceedings. to become a reality. Reality, but it also depends on how the decision makers understand to apply the achievements of forensics.

Keywords: criminal trial, evidence, means of proof, forensics, criminal investigation body, control body, finding body, investigating officer, Criminal Assets Recovery Agency


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