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Oleg Pantea: Assertive communication with detainees – a fundamental right or an obligation of the authorities?

DOI: 10.47743/jss-2022-68-4-9

Abstract: The proposed study reflects a general analysis of the concept of assertive communication in relation to detainees, through the prism of respect for human rights and freedoms. In this regard, assertiveness plays a key role in establishing appropriate professional relations between the representatives of authorities at different levels (detention administration, central authorities) and those who have broken the law (detainees, convicts), based on mutual respect, removing any form of intimidation related to the act he has committed, encouraging prosocial behavior. In the content of this work, there were identified the particularities of assertive communication adapted to communication with detainees: the power to say “no”, the correct formulation of requests, expressing feelings and initiation rules, continuing and ending a communication with the detainee.

Keywords: assertive communication, detainees, authorities, resocialization, preventive measures, human dignity


Recomandarea Comitetului de Miniştri ai statelor membre Consiliului Europei, referitoare la regulile penitenciare europene Rec (2006)2. Adoptată de Comitetul de Miniştri, la data de 11 ianuarie 2006, în timpul celei de a 952‑a reuniuni a Miniştrilor Delegaţi.

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