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Protection of Residence in Enforcement Proceedings


Abstract: In many situations, the enforcement procedure implies that in order to meet the purpose consisting in the concrete satisfaction of the rights included in the executory title, other social values must be defeated. With reference to the protection of the residence inviolability, the article analyzes the guarantees provided by the current regulations of the Civil Procedure Code in connection with the penetration of the bailiff in the domicile, residence or headquarters of a person, in order to gain access to the debtor's assets or to identify them. The scope of the provisions laid down in art. 680 and 681 of the Civil Procedure Code is being evaluated, by taking into consideration the distinction between the situation in which enforcement is initiated under an enforceable title represented by a court decision, respectively that in which the title is a non‑jurisdictional one, as well as between the case where the space in which the access must be made belongs to the debtor or is the domicile, residence or headquarters or place of work of another person.

Keywords: enforcement procedure; residence; authorization; assets; third party


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