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PETRUŢ-GEORGE BRAN, The age when Roman jurist Florentinus wrote his work

Abstract: The Roman jurist Florentinus wrote his Institutes during the Severan dynasty. Certain elements in his work are arguments that support that Florentinus was a contemporary of two others jurists, Ulpian and Iulius Paulus. Some authors claim that Florentinus wrote his work during the Antonine dynasty. However, the fact that he uses tripartition in discussing private Roman law (ius privatum), which was theorized by Ulpian, is a solid argument to place Florentinus during the age of the Severan dynasty.  

Keywords: Gaius, Florentinus, Ulpian, Iulius Paulus, the bipartition/tripartition of private Roman law (ius privatum), the Antonine Dynasty, the Severan Dynasty          

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