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MIRELA CARMEN DOBRILĂ, Sharenting, Building Online Identity of Children

Abstract: The article presents a legal analysis of the content of the phenomenon of sharenting (share and parenting) / over‑sharenting, meaning that parents post information and disclose images with their children on Internet and on social media platforms, motivated by the need to socialize, to share experiences and to receive advice from other parents regarding raising children, or from the desire to share with others important moments, without being aware of their responsibility as parents regarding the distribution of images on the Internet, that of protecting children from the specific risks distribution of information on the Internet. The article highlights problems related to the amplification of this phenomenon, with the presentation of studies with statistical data. The distribution of children's photographs is done on social media platforms considered as public space. The article outlines the specific legal framework and the means of protection associated with the problems and risks generated by the phenomenon of sharenting or disclosing of photographs of one s on the Internet. The freedom of expression of the parent should not endanger the child, his emotional development, the child's right to his own image, the right to privacy and the protection of his best interest.

Keywords: sharenting; distributing child’s photographs; social media /social networking platforms; freedom of expression; the child's right to his own image; children’s privacy.

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