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Carmen-Ecaterina Ciobâcă, Iulia-Elena Zup: The Idea of Europe and Challenges in Legal Translation.


Abstract: The analysis and research of legal translation within the European Union not only aims at identifying translation problems and strategies in order to improve this process which is intrinsic to European communication, but also tries to see much more in translation: a dynamo of the evolution of societies, of cultures, of the idea and construct of Europe and the European Union. This linguistic and cultural process is dynamic in overcoming challenges of different natures – terminological, ideological, political, economic, and even in terms of resources, be they human or technological. The diachronic or synchronic analysis focuses not only on circulant translations, meant to be enforced on various territories, but also on translations for informative purposes, and aims at providing insight into specific challenges related to legal translation in past and present times.

Keywords: legal translation, European Union, challanges


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