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Comparative law study on the phenomenon of „homelessness”


Abstract: The phenomenon of homelessness can be written from key, worrying figures ‑ 580,000 homeless people in the United States in 2020 or an increase in the number of homeless people in 24 states of the 27 member states of the European Union (in a percentage from 16 to 389%). Emphasizing that the phenomenon we are focusing on is constantly growing, we propose through the study of comparative law to identify and analyze the following elements: the forms that the phenomenon takes homelessness, interpretation of recent public statistics, identification of causes leading to the phenomenon, proposals for amelioration and reduction of the phenomenon. The approached topic has a multidisciplinary character, being at the intersection of fields such as: law, sociology, economics, psychology, and the research, using the method of comparative law, will take the form of a comparative synthesis study.

Keywords: home; homelessness; comparative study; causes; measures


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