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Djulieta Vasiloi: Some particularities of the forensic methods used in relation to the crime victim

DOI: 10.47743/jss-2022-68-4-16

Abstract: When studying the forensic characteristics of crimes, more attention needs to be paid to the fact that the victim is directly related to the object. Data about his personality can be related both to his internal properties and signs, as well as to the environment, the victim's connections and his relationships with people. Detecting and studying the characteristics and personality traits of the crime victim, as well as his behavior in the world around him, make it possible to understand many circumstances of the crime, such as the reasons for committing criminal attacks, the purpose and motives of the criminal behavior, his inner qualities. The forensic essence of the victim is usually manifested in certain demographic data (such as gender, age, etc.); the extent and nature of the damage caused to it; the path and environment of the offense chosen by the offender; in the psychophysiological characteristics of the victim's personality; value guidelines, lifestyle, victim behavior, etc.

Keywords: victim, methods, forensics, behavior, criminal


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