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Ancuța-Elena FRANȚ: Fundamental issues in determining the moral status of abortion

Abstract: The abortion issue is centered on two major opinions: pro-life and pro-choice. Those who deny the right to do an abortion believe that abortion is a crime, because life begins at conception. They bring many arguments in favor of their opinion. One of their strongest arguments is that science proved that, from the very moment of the fertilization, the new-formed being has the specific human ADN, which means that, from that moment, the embryo is a human being which has all possible rights. Those who sustain the freedom of abortion try to prove that life doesn’t begin from the conception. They think that in order to be designated as a person, an entity must reach some standards, such as conscience, will, the capacity to morally interact with other human beings. And fetuses don’t fulfill these conditions, so they don’t have the right to life. Some authors have established a „middle way”, which encompasses both previous theories. This „middle way” is based on the scientific researches, which have proved that, in early pregnancy stages, the embryo is more like a cluster of chemical substances, while in the last stages of pregnancy the fetus looks more like a human being, and, the most important, has a brain activity similar to that of a new-born. So these authors consider that the moment in which brain activity appears should be considered the moment in which life begins.

Key words: abortion, morality, pro-abortion, pro-choice, pro-life, anti-abortion

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