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UAIC Annals, Tome IX, s. III, 1963

N. ȚAȚOMIR, I. BENDITER, A. LOGHIN., C. ZOTTA - Creating and developing the people's democratic state, the main tool of construction and completion of socialism in the People's Republic Romania


M. SĂRMAȘANU - Critique of irrationalism in the progressive press (1934-1936)


I. NATANSOHN and I. CL. CIAGLIC - The structure of social consciousness in terms of building socialism and communism


V. PAVELCU - Critical examination of the concept of "complex of frustration"

39- 46

A. COSMOVICI - Interest and perspectives in education


ȘT. BÎRSANESCU and N. C. ENESCU - Oxenstiern and pedagogical movement in Moldova in the second half of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century

57- 68

S. GĂINA - The principles of education

69- 76

M. TODOSIA, V. NECULCE, GH. CILIBIU - Some aspects of the economic situation of the workers in Iași during the economic crisis of 1929-1933

77- 90

N. ȚAȚOMIR - New elements in terms of the definition and classification criteria of the international treaty

91- 100

S. CIUREA – Accounting contribution to the preservation, application and development of the socialist state property in R. P. R

101- 112

I. BENDITER – Improving activity of representative bodies of state power in the line of continuous development and deepening of socialist democracy in the People's Republic Romania


M. DVORACEK - Applying Marxist-Leninist teaching on the principle of democratic centralism in the management of our national economy


V. NEGRU – Contribution of jurisprudence in the development of principles of socialist civil law


R. SANILEVICI – Some problems in extending contractual liability of socialist organizations


D. RADU - Some aspects of civil procedural legal relationships


V. NICOLCIOIU - Some considerations on the report of causality, as an element of civil liability


ȘT. RĂUSCHI - Material liability of Collectivists


B. BRAUNSTEIN – Considerations on issues concerning the fight against crime


GR. GR. THEODORU - The nature and characteristics of the supervisory appeal in procedural law of the RPR


M. ZOLYNEAK – Regarding the real concurrence of crimes


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