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Cătălin Boacnă: Uberization of Law – Danger or Opportunity for the Liberal Legal Professions?


Abstract: The term uberization has become present in the usual language of recent years, with the expansion of the famous American ride-sharing company. The basic principle is that an application installed on the mobile phone can create the connection between an independent driver and a customer who avoids taxi services. The health crisis caused by coronavirus has accentuated the uberization of areas such as the labor market, medicine, IT etc. In this context, I believe that the term can also be used appropriately in terms of law. There are already platforms that offer legal services online or mediate the connection between the client and the lawyer. Also, some legislative software can replace the legal advice of a lawyer or can predict the outcome of a lawsuit by using algorithms. In this context, does the uberisation of law represent a danger or an opportunity for the legal aid contract defined by Law no. 51/1995 on the organization and exercise of the lawyer profession?

Keywords: uberization of law; legal aid contract; digitization; legal platforms


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